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Realm Pictures International

Realm is producing spectacularly diverse blockbuster entertainment while breaking brilliant undiscovered talent and endowing our HBCUs with shared box-office profits.  Our slate of high-concept, universal motion pictures tell timeless stories poised to become beloved classics.

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Disrupting the longstanding Hollywood tradition of shutting its doors to even the most gifted literary, performing, and technical artists if they’re not already part of the studio system (or have relatives in it), Realm is creating spectacularly diverse blockbuster entertainment while breaking brilliant undiscovered talent and endowing the institutions dedicated to forging this talent.

Realm’s passionate team:

Jessica (Jes) McClintock serves as Realm’s Chief Innovation Officer. Jes brings to Realm her  executive-level white glove service mentality the same as she applies to Fortune 500 companies. Concurrently, she is the Vice President of Global Accounts at FuelerLinx, where she is key in the company’s business development, client retention, and product strategy.  Her diverse networking capabilities, coupled with her passion for fostering lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships, have been instrumental in her ability to deliver consistent and sustained success and growth. Jes volunteers as the Chairwoman for the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Young Professionals Council, Co-Chair for the Environmental Sustainability Sub-Committee, is a pioneering member for the industry’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion Working Group, and in 2019, she was awarded NBAA’s Top 40 under 40 for Innovation.  As Realm’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jes applies her dynamic vision for success through a combination of alternative and conventional strategies.

Guiding Strategic Partnerships at Realm is a daunting task, and Laura Lamando’s experience as a General Manager at Ralph Lauren Retail, Vice President at Huge Brands USA, and other executive roles at retail giants makes her perfectly suited for the challenge.  Formerly a professor of Brand Marketing and Licensing at NYU, she has over 20 years of experience in leading successful multifaceted initiatives related to DTC sales, B2B sales, marketing, business development, revenue growth, and strategic partnerships for highly competitive markets. Laura has also built profitable merchandise and partnership marketing programs for two Olympic Games, Coca-Cola, Viacom, Sundance Film Festival, and FIFA World Cup while serving as  Licensing Manager and Director of Retail Marketing and Development.  Laura brings to Realm her formidable skills in spearheading business development via strategic partnerships.

Albert Trombetta
Chief Campaign Officer

A young, seasoned campaign strategist, Albert brings his formidable experience in the political arena to bear in leading Realm’s campaign to engage the worldwide public in the development, production, and promotion of Steal Away to build an early pre-distribution fan base for the movie. Albert’s sphere of operations includes digital outreach, youth outreach, forging strategic partnerships, volunteer recruitment and deployment, and liaising with the media. He has served on a presidential campaign, two winning Washington State House campaigns, and a New York City mayoral campaign; led large-scale Get Out the Vote operations; and worked as a Political Strategy Consultant. Dedicated to humanitarian service, Albert is a Community Emergency Response Team volunteer, certified to treat victims of large-scale disasters.

Nicole leads Realm’s financial endeavors while guiding the company through its current capital raise, structuring the company’s financial strategy, and managing third-party relationships. In addition to her leadership at Realm, she concurrently serves as a Management Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In this role, she advises on mergers & acquisitions, divestitures, carve-outs, and new company stand-ups for strategic and private equity clients, serving as the primary point of contact to senior management stakeholders while coordinating teams across 15+ workstreams to evaluate and execute on multibillion-dollar deals. Prior to PwC, Nicole served as Financial Analyst for Wells Fargo’s International Investments Group, where she assessed alternative investment opportunities specifically focusing on the bank’s exposure to corporations in Europe.

Felix joins Realm as the Director of Strategic Partnerships. He is a successful business consultant and non-profit management entrepreneur.   Most recently, Felix was the President and Founder a youth sports organization, MVP360 Leadership Development Program, building and successfully leading it for over ten years. In doing so, he successfully partnered with multiple organizations including the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies and 76ers. He was featured by NFL Films, The Today Show, as one of five awardees of the “Together We Make Football” award.  Most recently he led and managed digital screenings at the Sundance Film Festival.  Felix’s knowledge in multimedia space, social media, marketing and branding has allowed him to succeed both in the for profit and non-profit sectors.  He is a medically retired US Air Force Veteran of 16 years.  Realm is privileged to have Felix join the Company.

Teresa-Michelle Walker Jackson, affectionately referred to as TM by her Realm peers, is an experienced higher education administrator and professor coupled with a background in media, performing arts, acting, directing, and producing. She serves as the Assistant Dean of Fine Arts, Humanities & Wellness at Savannah University. With over 15 years of dedicated experience within the HBCU (Historically Black College and University) community, TM will garner partnerships that benefit and celebrate the rich history that HBCUs have to offer. In her spare time, she is the executive director of the Savannah Black Heritage Festival, which is in its 33rd year of existence. TM is a standout asset to Realm as we extend and grow relationships with HBCUs.

Keyon Payton, a versatile, dynamic, and visionary leader with over 20+ years of experience in education, business, and community-based roles, serves as Realm’s Executive Director for Faith Community Engagement. Keyon’s powerful belief in public service and his ability to deliver innovative and equitable change to the public aligns with Realm’s mission. In addition to his role at Realm, Keyon’s responsibilities include serving as senior pastor at a 96-year-old church with 200+ members and developing strategic collaborations to support community and economic development initiatives for residents in the City of Pontiac.  During his career, he has led Community Outreach and Engagement for numerous organizations to include EBONY/JET Magazine, Pontiac Promise Zone Authority, and others.  Realm is excited for Keyon to bring his leadership experience to its Faith Community Outreach.

Justin Nicole brings to Realm his Digital Marketing and International experiences in Business Development.  He  has years of portfolio development, strategic partnership management, and community partner/peer-to-peer campaign management experience under his belt, having worked as Head of Business Development, Philanthropy Advisor / Relationship Manager, Fundraising Manager, and Network Manager for a variety of organizations. During his career, he has led successful teams, communications, web development, crowdfunding campaigns, and events across a variety of global segments.   Over the past decade, Justin has been committed to creating thriving partnerships, outstanding customer experiences, and meaningful social impact.

Chelsey Hayes, Realm’s talented Director of Social Media brings her gift of communication and the ability to reach the hearts of an audience to the social team, a crucial and highly valued skill that enables Realm to market to the masses while maintaining a personal, human-to-human touch. Chelsey’s highly varied industry background expanding from broadcast and multimedia journalism to digital and social media marketing holds no bounds, as she conquers each medium with a particular affluency and with the ease of someone who lives and breathes their craft. Chelsey’s passionate stance on strategy and organization is also pivotal to the social teams’ high functioning capabilities, allowing them to mesh together and perform quickly and efficiently, like a well-oiled, automated machine.

A strong listener and a creative, agile thinker, Adrienne Uthe joins Realm as its Chief Media Officer.  She is a resourceful professional who communicates with enthusiasm and respect.  Her work has been published in major news publications including Newsweek, Politico, benzinga, Markets Insider, Yahoo! Finance and more.  She owns her consulting firm, AU, and is the former Vice President of sales and marketing with NACB.  Her myriad of skills includes Management Consulting, Project Management, Marketing & Business Development Strategy, plus PR and Media.  Adrienne is well poised to guide Realm in telling its story and ensuring a meaningful, authentic and narrative-driven Media campaign.

As Music Director and Recording Executive Producer of the multi-award-winning Fisk Jubilee Singers®, Dr. Kwami’s passion for the African-American spirituals has blazed a celebrated legacy for the storied choir.  He has led the Jubilees in triumphal tours of North America, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.  Under Dr. Kwami’s direction, the ensemble has garnered a multitude of achievements, honors and awards, including the National Medal of Arts, Recording Academy Honors, Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, induction into the Music City Walk of Fame, induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, the Dove Award, and just this year, the 2021 Best Roots Gospel Album Grammy for the ensemble’s album Celebrating Fisk! The 150th Anniversary Album.

As Director of Social Media for Realm, Kaniyah brings passion, enthusiasm and unbounding dedication. She recently graduated from the University of South Carolina and is a first generation college student. She previously worked at the Institute for African American Research and was a volunteer advocate for sexual trauma survivors. She thrives on helping others and exceeding optimal performance levels. Kaniyah enjoys watching new T.V. shows and journaling. Through her role as Social Media Director, she looks forward to reaching out to and connecting with people everywhere! 

Robin’s governance of Realm’s operations is backed by a thirty-year legacy in senior global leadership and a career defined by Execution excellence across multiple industries.  At General Electric, she managed diverse roles including Strategic Project Operations Director, Quality Leader, Global PMO Manager, Senior Project Manager and Risk Management Leader.  Skilled in leading GE’s cross-functional matrix teams of Engineers, Contract Managers, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Services, she successfully led global consortium development projects in multiple countries, while ensuring standards and contract compliance, and driving the tenets of Quality, Risk Management, Process and Governance throughout.  Adept in building and managing global Project Management organizations, she successfully orchestrated Global Shared Service transformations across corporate divisions, regions, and functions and built out a new Project organization.  A proud veteran, she is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and was a commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Deriving her leadership and team building skills from these venerable institutions, she enjoys working with people, developing training programs, and serving as a mentor or coach.   Robin is also a dedicated distance runner and enjoys participating in destination marathons.

Musical Team

Billy Childs
Billy Childs
Glass Marcano
Dr. Ianthe Marini

 1. Follow Steal Away

***************************Steal Away features a large cast of over 65 speaking roles.  Upcoming casting calls (including for the lead roles of The Fisk Jubilee Singers and several strong supporting roles), as well as callbacks and breaking production news will be first announced via social media.  To get all announcements, take a quick moment to follow Steal Away on each of these links:

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Dear Charisma Reader,

Thank you for visiting Realm Pictures International.  Realm is a trailblazing new independent motion picture studio producing Spirit-led blockbuster entertainment.  Our flagship movie, now in development, is the post-Civil War epic Steal Away.


Steal Away

Based on Andrew Ward’s critically acclaimed “Dark Midnight When I Rise” and Toni Anderson’s “Tell Them We Are Singing for Jesus,” Steal Away is the true story of the legendary Fisk Jubilee Singers, a sensational choir of young former slaves fighting the KKK’s reign of terror against their schools not with bullets or bombs but electrifying songs of faith and freedom.  Steal Away follows the choir’s titanic rise from the darkness of slavery to the glittering ballrooms and throne rooms of Europe as they conquer the world… and must then conquer enslavement to fame.  A breathtaking saga, Steal Away will feature a diverse international cast; cameos from Queen Victoria, the Emperor of Germany and President Ulysses S. Grant; an Gospel-rich soundtrack, and a powerful message of faith, hope, redemption and race reconciliation that will leave audiences cheering from Jakarta and Jerusalem to Boston and Beijing

See a brief story video for Steal Away here.  And while the studios keep their scripts from the public, I invite you to download and read Steal Away’s screenplay here.

Join Realm as an Investment, Donation, and/or Prayer Partner

Just as the printing press spread God’s Word to the four corners of the world, Realm’s team has invested over 85,000 hours developing and planning the light-bearing global motion picture studio of tomorrow.  The script for Steal Away has received critical acclaim from two of the industry’s leading coverage houses, while the world’s premiere box-office analytics firm is projecting a blockbuster (details in the investment materials).  Over 25,000 people around the world have downloaded the script for Steal Away to date, and before a scene has been filmed many have already shared how the story has changed their lives.  I invite you to join this groundbreaking movement, and the making of history, as a visionary Investment, Donation, and/or Prayer Partner.  Empowered by God (John 14:12-14), I am confident that working together, we will create a new era of powerfully uplifting, destiny-transforming global content between now and Jesus’ return.

To partner with us as a Donor, be among the first to visit Realm’s fiscal sponsorship page at Fractured Atlas.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.  If you or your organization would like to personally discuss a larger contribution, please email me directly.

To partner with Realm as an Investor or Lender, please download our Executive Summary and Project Deck (accredited investors and institutions only).

And of course, we ask for your fervent Prayer.  Please pray that through Realm, God would entertain the world with the finest motion pictures on Earth while stoking revival and reaping a great harvest of souls.

A Word about Realm’s Branding

Realm’s mission is to reach people of every nation, tribe, and tongue, especially those identifying with popular culture.  To do this, we have empathetically become “all things to all people” in our branding and media, without in any way compromising the Truth.

My Testimony

A Los Angeles native, I have always worked in the entertainment industry.  By the time I became a believer (thanks to my younger sister Jaimie), I was internationally renowned for my edgy music video and motion picture work, which glorified violence, drugs, obscenity, misogyny, hate, murder, and so very much more.  The Holy Spirit went to work on me, showing me that I was not only magnifying darkness but spreading it like cancer into an already suffering world.  At His prompting, I walked away from it all, abandoning the “prestigious legacy” I had become known for.

Because my work had become so widely known, I published a declaration of my faith and renunciation of my former work in The Los Angeles Times.  Passionate about serving the Kingdom, I began working on smaller faith-based projects but sensed God leading me to far vaster frontiers in which to serve as an ambassador for Christ – to create studio-scale, Spirit-filled content for the world.

Thus Realm was born.

By this time, I had married my sweetheart Sonya.  As I prayed to know what film Realm should launch with, I discovered the book “Dark Midnight When I Rise” and the breathtaking story of the Jubilee Singers.  As just one example of the powerful impact of their story, author Andrew Ward writes in his preface: “I do not share the religious faith that motivated and sustained so many of the characters in this book.  Nothing has made me consider that faith with greater awe, admiration, even envy than the Jubilees and their music.”

The Jubilees, refusing to be daunted by the “impossible” mission of bringing Spirit-filled music to the world, had declared with blazing faith that “When God tells us to jump through a wall, it’s ours to jump and His to put us through.”  Jumping through that same wall, Sonya and I mortgaged our home to acquire the rights to Ward’s and Anderson’s books, and to enable me to work exclusively on developing Realm and Steal Away.

Not surprisingly, the obstacles and attacks were many – the pandemic alone was financially devastating and set back our work – but there are too many sons and daughters God wants to bring to glory for us to back down.  After much prayer and fasting, we liquidated our retirement accounts and sold our home of nearly 20 years to press on, holding fast to Jesus’ promise that: “There is no one who has left house or brothers, or sisters or mother, or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the Gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers, and sisters and mothers, and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life.”

In giving ourselves fully to the work of the Lord, we believe that not only is our labor in the Lord not in vain, but that He will shine great light into our present darkness, paving the way for His return.

With warmest regards,

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